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The most interesting things about school life, our students’ achievements and pastime

Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness!


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good education is the basis of future success

Boiko School history, traditions and structure

Boiko Private School was founded in 1994. Since then we have become a leading school in Kharkiv and one of the best schools in Ukraine. A unique educational environment has been created here. The school has become a second home for our students and staff. This is a surprise for many people who come here for the first time. The ages we work with range from toddlers to 17 year-olds. Maths and English are subjects that are taught extensively here. Students pass English tests within the Cambridge English Language Assessment framework. The staff are highly qualified, which enables us to teach all subjects extremely well.

Boiko School structure:

  • Early Swimming Centre (1 month – 6 years old)
  • ‘Boiko Startup’ Language Centre
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment Examination Centre (UA010)
  • Nursery school (3 – 6 y. o.)
  • Primary school (grades 1 – 4)
  • Junior school (grades 5 – 7)
  • Junior High school (grades 8 – 9) and High school (grades 10 and 11)
  • ‘Boiko Camp’ (6 – 17 y. o.)

Boiko School has all the conditions for the children’s harmonic development in all spheres. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia devices. Other features include a robot technology classroom, a gym, a tennis court, a multifunctional sports field with artificial grass, a swimming pool for young children, and a rock climbing wall.

Key people

  • Aleksandr Makagon

    Директор, основатель Boiko Школы

    Head of Boiko Private School
    PhD in Pedagogy

  • Serguei Boiko

    Основатель Boiko Школы

    Founder of Boiko Private School
    Head of English Department, author of English teaching methodology

Boiko School Laws

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    School buses are a part
    of the school territory
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    Business casual style
    of clothing
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    No mobile phones
    during lesson time
    на уроке
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    is prohibited
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    We are one big family
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    School rules

Nursery school

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developing an interest to science from an early age

education methods in nursery school

Boiko Nursery School was founded in 2002 as a part of Boiko School educational complex. After years of operation, the nursery groups number has been increased to six. There are 108 children aged from 3 to 6 and more than 20 staff members working with them. Staff include tutors, nannies, teachers of various subjects (swimming, English and others), psychologists, speech therapists, nurses and cooks.

There is a web camera installed in every nursery group, so parents have the opportunity to see their child’s environment online at all times. The school website has a ‘nursery school for parents’ section, with the timetable of classes, photographs from events, the list of their child’s group, and telephone numbers of tutors and teachers.

The philosophy of Boiko School nursery school is quite a simple one. We believe that a child at this age needs a few basic things like communicating with their family, combining learning with rest and outdoor activities, watching the right kind of cartoons (we have a wide selection of these).

The nutrition scheme is routinely excellent. The food is cooked in a steamer. Our medical staff and cooks decide on the menu, making individual adjustments where necessary. The menu for the following week is displayed in the group cloakroom.

Children who finish our nursery school become first grade students of Boiko primary school. This tradition enables the children to get acquainted with the school, get to know some of the teachers, and learn the rules of conduct beforehand. It boosts their motivation and makes their school days more enjoyable.

Another Boiko nursery school tradition is Parents’ Friday. Such events are created to get the parents involved in the school life of their child and provide them with tons of useful information and positive emotions.

Boiko Camp

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combining rest and learning during the holidays

our summer camp helps you develop while you rest

Boiko Summer Camp has been in operation for years, hosting children from 6 to 17 years of age. After reaching the top age limit, many return and work as team leaders or helpers, reliving their camp experience in another capacity. The camp days are so hard to forget!

Every summer there are 5 themed camp sessions. A team of young and energetic team leaders and professional teachers try to make each day count. Traditional loved-by-all events are followed by new interesting quests, contests and sporting competitions.

We believe that acitve outdoor rest and friendly communication is the healthy environment of every young leader. Every day is so full of things happening, that there is virtually no time left for things like computer games.
Nature in the camp is so overwhelmingly beautiful, that one can hardly believe its relative proximity of the city.

There are regular photo reports about the camp events for parents to enjoy.

(Русский) Языковая школа Boiko StartUp

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авторизованный центр сдачи международных экзаменов по английскому языку, официальный партнер Кембриджского Университета

Сambridge English Language Assessment (UA 010)

Международные Кембриджские экзамены — это внешняя и независимая проверка уровня языковой компетенции учащихся, что позволяет максимально точно определить насколько глубоко и качественно дети изучают иностранный язык в школе. Кембриджский сертификат – это признание качества образования за рубежом. Люди будут уверены в уровне ваших знаний и будут уважать ваши достижения.

Boiko Startup – это уютные и современно оборудованные классы, в которых есть все необходимое для проведения интересных, эффективных и наглядных уроков.

Большой выбор программ и курсов делает возможным обучение в нашей языковой школе людей разных возрастов с разными жизненными целями.

Курс английского для детей рассчитан для обучения малышей в возрастных категория 4-5, 5-6 и 6-7 лет. Учитывая специфику детского восприятия, преподаватель учит детей читать и писать на английском языке в игровой форме. Юные студенты просто влюбляются в английский язык и с радостью посещают занятия.

Занятия в школе проводят высококвалифицированные преподаватели, имеющие международные сертификаты уровней С1 и С2, а также сертификаты по методике преподавания английского языка TKT и CELTA.

Высокое качество образования, индивидуальный подход, компетентный преподавательский состав, разнообразие языковых курсов — гарантия вашего успеха в будущем!

(Русский) Boiko Бассейн

(Русский) С 1 месяца жизни вместе с мамами и папами, чувствуя себя в полной безопасности, в Boiko Бассейне малыши учатся совершать активные плавательные движения, нырять, преодолевать под водой разные расстояния, плавать в ластах, маске и трубке, самостоятельно держаться на воде, и, конечно же, – петь песенки, слушать стихи и сказки, развивать свои познавательные способности!
Во время этих занятий царит мир сказок, игр и творчества!!!

C 3 до 7 лет дети продолжают обучение плаванию уже без сопровождения родителей.
С 5 лет, освоив маску, трубку и ласты занимаются подводным плаванием и художественным подводным фотографированием.

Наша дружная творческая команда ведущих тренеров Украины рада поделиться с вами нашим опытом в оздоровлении, развитии и воспитании детей, всем лучшим, что помогает семье быть радостной и счастливой.