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Winter is a wonderful season, with New Year, Christmas and loads of fun! However, we also had some freezing weather, short grey days and quarantine, which is why now everyone wants spring to come as soon as possible! Everyone wants to see the sun, feel the warmth, appreciation, and love!
We figured that this could be a good reason for us to gather together, turn on the green lamp and distract ourselves from studying and daily chores. We will take a two-hour break from the routine. During this time we will separate important from the unimportant, think about answers to eternal questions, fill ourselves with wonder, look at the world with eyes wide open, hear each other out, feel the warmth of the hands, approaching spring and love…
The poetry festival ‘The green lamp’ welcomes all students who study in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11th grades as well as adults, who love, understand and feel poetry.
If you want to take part and recite a piece, you have to choose one poem that you like, which could be about any topic and in any language.
Hopefully, during this holiday we will see each other in a different light. Not only will we discuss a certain topic, but also share things that concern and move us all: important issues, personal feelings, impractical and eternal, sensual and spiritual things, in other words everything that makes people closer and dearer.
See you on the 1st of March!
You can ask Ms. Slyota for more information