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A social project of Boiko Private School ‘Listen to your heart’ is aimed at celebrating the school graduation in a non-fancy cheap fashion, and using the money saved to help a children’s hospital.

Our graduates of 2014-2015, like their predecessors, chose to participate in the project and exchange the traditional restaurant–evening dress–jacket and tie–posh celebration for the casual barbecue-style one, in order to save a substantial amount of money and use it to support a hospital which performs heart surgeries on babies with heart pathologies.

Starting from September of last year our 11th-graders made visits to the children’s heart surgery department at the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery. After having witnessed the surgical procedures and having seen the children in the reanimation ward more and more to-be school graduates got inclined to take part in the project. On the 20th December our 2014-2015 school graduates did a flesh-mob in the Karavan shopping mall to promote the ‘Listen to your heart’ project.

On 3rd July 2015 we had our long-awaited casual-style (jeans-style) graduation party at Boiko Summer Camp.

On this day the students of 11 Ch and 11 S grades (tutored by Julia Chepiga and Victoria Sidelnik) said goodbye to their school days in this original way.

It really felt like a big family holiday. The school-leaving certificate awards ceremony took place in a friendly atmosphere. There were stage presentations prepared both by teachers and students, words of guidance and wisdom from parents and teachers and thankful replies from students. We also watched a documentary about the different stages of our graduates’ school life: from primary school to the present day. We are sure that this evening will stay in the memory of all the participants for a long time!

We expect this year’s graduates to pick up the baton and take part in their own 2015-2016 ‘Listen to your heart’ project.

The ‘jeans-style’ graduation party is not that far off!
Join us!