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Spring! It’s finally spring! Befitting the tradition, we greet it with a celebration! The annual festival of pancakes, dedicated to Maslenitsa, took place today. All of the primary, secondary and high school students dedicated this morning to sharing pancakes with each other. And in the end of the celebration we burned down the scarecrow representing winter!
At the same time we had the ‘best pancakes’ contest and here are our results:
Primary school:
4-I – Grand Prix
2-A – 1st place
3-C – 2nd place
1-B – 3rd place
4-K – nomination for “Fruit abundance”
3 M – nomination for “Sweet Life”
3-B – nomination for “Assorted Lace ”
2-W – nomination “Thoughtful chef”
2-P – nomination for “Sweet logo”
1-A – nomination for “Best Service”
1-C – nomination for “The best design of the table”

High school:
Grand Prix: pancakes with spicy sauce from 7-M
1st place – 10M
2nd place – 6SH
3rd place – 9P, 9K
Best Advertising-7-R, 8-K
Best Service – 11-A
The award ‘Snacks’ – 6-M 11-P
The title of ‘The most independent’ 5-S

Congratulations to the winners! (We actually consider everyone to be winners!)