The most interesting things about school life, our students’ achievements and pastime


‘Projects’ are fun!

What are ‘School Projects’? Are they simply some extra tasks that the teachers came up with in order to occupy the students whose workload is fairly high anyway?

It is, in fact, an attempt to show the kids that every field of science is much wider than it is studied at school. It is an attempt to connect scientific research and our everyday lives. It is possible that some of the students will come across their future occupation while working on their project. Some of them may gain some confidence. Some may make a discovery, learn to sing or perform in public for the first time.

High school children have taken up projects for the third year in a row at Boiko School. Initially, the projects were only dedicated to geography, or, to be more precise, to the connection between geography and other subjects. At first only high school students defended their ‘Projects’. This year we decided not to limit the topics to just one subject; consequently, the range of this year’s topics is amazingly diverse. It is unusual for many students, some even fear it a little; however we know that the only way to reach success is through trying things.

The projects have been launched. We are looking forward to interesting presentations!