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FCE (Cambridge English: First) results

In March our students took the FCE exam (Cambridge English: First). Out of 49 candidates, there were 30 Boiko school eleventh graders and one ninth grader. Recently we got the exam results.
Grade A was awarded to two students: Alex Cherepanov (11 S grade) and Yara Al Otti (9 M). It is worth mentioning that Alex got the maximum available points for this test: 190 out of 190, which is a truly outstanding result. Well done, everybody! Keep on reaching new heights in English!
The overall statistics is as follows: 4.17 per cent of candidates got an ‘A’; 20.83 per cent got a ‘B’; 39.58 per cent got a ‘C’; 35.42 per cent were awarded the B1 level (level of Cambridge English: Preliminary). None of the latter were from our school.
We congratulate our school leavers on the successful passing of this important exam!