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CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) results

The results of the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced), that took place in our examination centre, are now available.
Out of 14 candidates 21.43 per cent were awarded grade A (C2 level according to the CEFR classification); 35.71 per cent got grade B (level C1); 7.14 per cent got grade C (level C1); 28.57 per cent received the B2 level; 7.14 per cent were not able to pass the test. Two of the candidates were Marina Demirskaya (our eleventh grader) and Kseniya Litvinenko (our graduate).
Marina achieved an outstanding result. She passed CAE with the score of 201 (out of 210 possible) and was awarded level C2 – the top level in the CEFR (Common European Framework of reference) classification. It is an extremely high level that proves exceptional English ability. Definitely something Marina should be proud about! We are so happy for you!