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Dear Boiko citizens!

This year we continue working on various projects. 8-10 grades are to do and present their projects in the first semester.

There are also a few new rules that you should know about.

1) Like before, there are projects that the school teachers offer you. Your progress in these projects will be graded, each grade will be multiplied by three in our electronic database. The grade for the presentation of the project will be multiplied by 5. You will have a project supervisor, which will direct you and assist you in your work. This is the same type of project that you had last year.
2) A business start-up project is developing your own business idea. The aim is to come up with a new business idea, that can be turned into a profit as soon as possible. Use your imagination and creativity as well as the knowledge gained during our economics lessons. The process of working on the project will not be graded. You will have no supervisor. There will, however, be an economic consultant, who you will be able to refer to. The grade for presenting the project will be multiplied by 5. Besides, you will get a chance to make some money if some of the expert committee members like your idea.
3) The third type of activity is coming up with practical and down-to-earth ideas on how to make money. You will need to actually fulfill the project, thus showing its effectiveness. You can do it within the school, or you may try to go big and go beyond the school limits. Like with the previous type of project, there will be no grades or a supervisor. An economic consultant will give you some theoretical knowledge that you may apply. The grade for the presentation of such project is multiplied by 5. All the money that you make is, naturally, yours.
You MUST take on at least one project of the three types suggested.
We would also like to remind our 10th-graders that in June you will have a practice course in economics and law, so if you choose a project of the 2nd or 3rd type, you will have more time to prepare it and its presentation will take place at the end of this course.

Список предлагаемых проектовWatch the list of projects