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the programme designed specifically for Boiko school

English opens up big opportunities

Learning English begins in the nursery school, where children make their first steps in learning the language through games, songs and activities. The first half a year of grade one in primary school is dedicated to the oral course, which includes learning a lot of songs and poems, as well as extensive conversational practice. Serguei Boiko has created the curriculum at all levels. It features his own methods that are based on the communicative approach to teaching foreign languages. Great attention is given to teaching all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing). Only the textbooks from top publishers are used (Longman, Express Publishing, Oxford University Press) as well as authentic audio and video materials. The students prove their knowledge by passing the Cambridge English international examinations for speakers of other languages. Graduates of Boiko school have a good command of conversational English. Most of them pass the ‘Cambridge English: First’ exam (also known as FCE), reaching the B2 or C1 level on the European Framework of Reference scale. Getting an international qualification of this kind allows them to enter universities all over the world. Boiko school students have a chance of going on school trips abroad, where they can improve their language skills


developing the mathematical frame of mind

‘One should study maths because it clears the mind, if for no other reason.’ Mikhail Lomonosov

We, here at Boiko school, completely agree with this statement. There can’t be too much maths. Besides, having a clear mind is a useful thing for anyone.

Maths is studied by students of all grades, starting from grade one. There is a lot of maths studying going on, and students love every minute of it! For more effective learning, each class is divided into groups in maths lessons. Each student may get several grades during one lesson. Doing homework is mandatory, like in all other subjects. The teachers use special tests to check the students’ knowledge. Knowledge of theory is tested after every new topic is introduced. Each semester there is an important test called ‘The Head Teacher’s Test’, which is prepared and administered by a teacher who teaches a parallel group of students.

Every year an entertaining and educational series of events called ‘Maths Week’ is organised at Boiko Private School. Students may choose not just to take part, but to help with planning too. ‘Titans’ Battle’, ‘Mathematical Regatta’, ‘Maths Club of the Merry Jokers’, ‘A Quiz-lesson’ are just a few of the events that have taken place during ‘Maths Week’.
Every year we come up with some new ideas. The novelty of this year is ‘Sunday Maths School’. Students who are keen on mathematics come to study it at the weekend. Solving practical problems, doing tasks that require profound logical thinking, and doing in-depth analysis are some of the things covered by our ‘Sunday Maths School’.

Many Boiko School graduates pass State External Assessment tests in Maths, but in the last few years, several also chose Maths as their career path. In 2011 six graduates got accepted by the prestigious Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Karazin Kharkiv National University, in 2014 three graduates joined this department.

Technology and basics of Robot Building

developing a child’s interest in technology

Using Lego Mindstorms robot building systems

Since grade one, children are introduced to a subject called ‘Technology’, which is focussed on robot building. The aim of the course is to familiarise primary school kids with basics of mechanics, electrotechnology, mechatronics, and programming. There is a fully equipped robot technology classroom. It features desktop computers, laptops, robot technology LEGO Mindstorms building systems, metal building systems, and electrotechnical ‘Znatok’ building systems. There are also machines with CNC (computer numerical control) and a basic set of mechanical equipment, which allows to familiarise students with basic methods of working with various materials and using them to make things.

Course programme

In the first grade, during the first semester, children are familiarised with simple methods of working with different materials and making paper models and models made of a metal building system. They develop their hand fine motor skills, concentration abilities, and perseverance.

In the second semester students start working with robot technology building systems and software.

In the second grade children study the basics of electrotechnology, continue studying the ways to build and programme robots.

In the third grade they study the basics of electronics, a course in NXT-G programming, the basics of mechanics and design.

In the fourth grade students do the robot technology learning projects.

Extra lessons and classes are offered in the robot technology classroom. Students who attend may enhance their knowledge and skills, as well as further develop their creativity.

Junior and junior high school students study more robot technology based on LEGO bulding systems, various kinds of programming, 3D modelling and working on machines with CNC.

Cambridge Exams

Cambridge certificates

Do you want to become fluent in English or get another degree? Do you want to create a solid foundation for your future career? Cambridge English exams are some of the world’s most famous qualifications for speakers of other languages. The certificates that successful candidates get upon passing the Cambridge English exams are recognised by most international universities and companies. Such certificates provide solid proof of your English language ability.
The most popular Cambridge exams are the main suite exams, exams in business English and tests for young learners.

  • Cambridge English main suite exams (Key, Preliminary, First, Advanced, Proficiency)
  • Cambridge English: Business Certificates (Preliminary, Vantage, Higher)
  • Cambridge English: Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)(YLE)
Where can one pass TOEFL iBT in Kharkiv?

Boiko Private School is a certified centre that administers TOEFL iBT. In order to sit the test at our school, a candidate needs to register on the official TOEFL website and come to Boiko Private School an hour before the test.

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