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On Friday, 25th September the contest called ‘French cuisine’ took place at our school.
All junior and junior high school students cooked French dishes and presented them to the jury. All students, their parents and teachers could also sample these delicacies. A saxophonist, who was invited specifically for the occasion, created a special atmosphere with his music.

Here are the results of the contest:
10 K – Grand Prix
5 S – 1 place
8 K – 1 place
5 Ch – 2 place
6 Sh – 2 place


7 P – The most original dish
9 K – Familiar aroma
8 Ts – Mysterious France
11 A – Parisian charm
11 P – French freshness
6 M – The best presentation
10 M – Sweet Paris

An individual certificate of ‘An outstanding young chef’ was awarded to Ms. Adamovskaya (9 P class)
Congratulations to all winners!