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We are beginning to publish a series of publications about the projects, which were done by our students this year. The first ones on the list are our 3rd grades.
Project of 3rd C grade ‘Kharkiv is the best city on earth’.
While preparing for the project, the Kharkiv Anthem performed by the students (the original is sung by Nataliya Mogilevskaya) and poems about our city were recorded. Also a unique logo design was developed (everyone who took part in the project, received a badge with this emblem).
This is what the students said about the project:
We offered our fellow students to mark the their home on the map (this way we found out in which area of the city most of our students live)
We conducted a poll among the elementary school students and teachers, as well as high school teachers about ‘Boiko citizens favorite city spot’ (Gorky Park – 1st place, Ecopark – 2nd place, French Boulevard and the stadium “Metalist” – 3rd place) We also conducted a virtual tour of the city for elementary school students, telling them about the sights and about the history of the Kharkiv coat of arms.
Every day, we welcomed everyone with the Kharkiv anthem, read poems about our beloved city and during the breaks it was broadcasted on the school radio.

The project was done by all of the students from the class.
In the pictures the children are holding the flag of Kharkov from Khakiv City Council conference hall.
You can watch the video by following the link