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Ukraine – Germany: ‘A Dialogue of Cultures’

Last week 7th and 8th grade students started out on the first stage of preparing a joint Ukrainian-German project entitled ‘A Dialogue of Cultures’.

‘My city’ and ‘My school’ mini projects were presented. The children could choose the format of the presentations themselves. As a result the participants prepared several videos, posters, and presentations about Kharkiv.

The presentations were notably diverse. The children described their city and school in absolutely different ways, depending on their preferences and interests. Having collected all projects, we were able to create an unusual mosaic of the city and school images. Different authors brought their own vision, style, humour, and personality into the end result.

Such a good beginning inspires us to go on. Our next project called ‘Get to know Ukraine’ starts a week from now. Let us hope our creativity makes it an even bigger success!